What is it?

Reactor is a unique and powerful plugin for FileMaker Pro that empowers you to add advanced user interface controls to your database layouts... controls like a Calendar with full drag and drop capability or a Gantt Chart where you drag the bars to adjust the tasks.

And it’s pretty easy to use too — it’ll install itself, then it’s a simple matter to insert a web viewer, select the control function and put your fields into the parameters.

What will it do for me?

Impress users, save development time, speed up your solutions, let you do what seems impossible in FileMaker. In short, you’ll make better solutions and get there faster.


Reactor comes with a bunch of ready made Blackbox controls, and if you’ve purchased a license you’ll be able to add more Blackbox plugins at any time. Even the FREE version comes with OS native buttons and popup menus, a slider control, DayCal Lite, LiveField and ImageFlow. And for the hard-core developers there’s the Blackbox Builder, a tool for creating your own Blackbox controls with JavaScript and HTML.

How does it work?

Reactor uses the power of web technologies by using the web viewer to display user interface controls that you can’t normally build with FileMaker. Reactor allows JavaScript to communicate with the database, making the web viewer not just a portal to the web but a fully integrated and interactive part of your solution.

The Blackboxes


The most sought-after control on the planet: a calendar that is intuitive to use and takes minutes to install in your database. Features full support for drag and drop to create, move or change a booking and gives you full control over display and functionality.



Show appointments in a fully navigable month calendar - a perfect compliment to the Day Calendar. Now allows you to to use the MonthCal as a navigation tool.


Gantt Chart Pro

A simple, interactive Gantt chart - just drag the bars to adjust task length, start and finish.


ImageFlow Pro

Wow your users with cover flow-style record browsing... how about a visual flick through a product catalog or asset database? Now, much more customizable.



The slickest way to add web-style tagging to your database... just type your tags as a list and it does all the hard work.



With our new Developer Pack you can use the Blackbox Builder to build your own Blackbox plugins for easy deployment or publish them for others to use.