Overview of License Types

Lite is free and removes the 30 minute demo mode for the Standard BlackBox controls, including DayCal Lite! Each user must register, which is a simple 30 second process.

A Development license lets you start using the full capabilities of Reactor in your solutions, and allows you to buy low cost deployment seats for your end users.

Deployment is a low cost, per seat license for end users of your solutions, just log on to our site and buy a block of licenses for your solution/organisation or client. A single deployment registration code can be embedded in your solution.

Development Licenses Explained

Development licenses allow you to use Reactor on as many machines as you need to for development purposes, permit distribution with locked trial/demo databases, and enable debugging features.

There's also an Advanced option which comes with tools to build your own BlackBoxes and gives you 20% off the Deployment seats, allowing you a margin on sales to your clients.

Most importantly Development licenses come our extended BlackBox Suite which includes Tagger, Gantt Chart Pro, ColorPicker, Sortable and 3 additional Calendar controls (DayCalPro, MonthCal and ResourceCal),

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