Reactor V5 - Full Release

Posted by Stuart Woodhouse on 02 July 2015

After a month of testing Version 5 we are now delighted to release a full version.

Reactor 5 is now fully 64 bit making it compatible with FileMaker 14 - the way of the future! We’ll be adding some Blackbox updates soon but for now getting this new version out and stable has been the priority.

Looking ahead, we have some new features that we have in the works that will make Reactor even better - these will be free for everyone who’s made the jump to v5.

Cheers from all the team at Fusion Plugins

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Thanks for your work.

Some Reactor customers case studies would add great values to your website.

Posted by Didier Daglinckx on 02 July, 2015

Dear Support,

Dear support,

We don’t hear anything back from our questions the last couple of weeks about the plugins, why is this?

We purchased yesterday the reactor V4 plugin but I saw that the V5 beta only supports Filemaker 14 ??
Do we get a license for the V5 version because the V4 version does not work with Filemaker 14?

The customer is: Kunstbalie

The FAQ is telling us:
Yes - there are no known issues... and if you do find something let us know and we'll fix it with a minor update.

But it does not work with our customer.

Nico Kobes

Posted by Nico Kobes on 09 July, 2015

Hi Fusion Team,

after installing Filemaker 14 (Mac OS Yosemite/ 10.10.4) Filemaker crashes upon opening every time when V5 Beta plugin is installed. Is there a stable version available yet.


Posted by Martin on 15 July, 2015