Reactor 5 for Windows

Posted by Craig Saunders on 29 May 2015

Well it's certainly been crispy around here...


...but that hasn't held Steve back and he's managed to finalise the Windows version of Reactor 5, so without further ado here's the link to download the pre-release copy of it:

Reactor 5 Beta Mac and Win

(NOTE The Windows version of Reactor 5 included above is only compatible with the 64 bit FM14 install.)

This release also includes the latest builds of CalPack and ChartPack with many tweaks and improvements.

So far we've had no reports of issues with Reactor 5 but please drop us a line if you find anything misbehaving. Well, anything in Reactor misbehaving... !

One issue which we are aware of though not specific to Reactor 5 per se, is that Reactor controls aren't rendering to the correct scale in Windows 7 on retina or highres displays where the screen size is being scaled up from the native panel resolution. We're looking into that...

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If we upgrade to the newest versie, wil we get version 5?
We still have a upgrade credit of USD $374.25, what wil the cost be to upgrading to a CONSULTANT PACK?

Posted by Nico Kobes on 04 June, 2015