Reactor 4 is here!

Posted by Craig on 08 April 2014

At last after much tweaking and a fair bit of feedback from many of you who've had pre-release versions we rapt to announce the release of Reactor 4, bringing updated compatibility with FileMaker 13 and the new browsers.

We've also sneaked in a new control-—a rich text editor with merge capability, ideal for creating fully formatted email messages.


While this is a new version it's mostly for compatability so the upgrade cost from v3 will be just 25% of your v3 license. To accommodate that we'll be loading in a credit on your existing license account so that you can just purchase the new product and receive a credit at check out for the previous license. Watch out for an email coming your way with details.

So What's New?

To keep up with a new improved SQL engine in FileMaker itself we’ve had to update both the plugin itself and most of the Black Box controls that actually do stuff, like the Calendars, ImageFlow, and Gantt Charts.

We’ve also added a new control, a full rich text MailMerge editor: it’s based on Redactor and gives you a sweet text editor within FileMaker that gives users the ability to produce fully formatted rich text, ideal for email!

And, we re-wrote the FRTB, our toolbox that you’ll use if you’re writing or customising your own Blackbox controls.

Finally we updated the install process so that it works with the standard Install Plugin script step brought in FileMaker 12.


What's Not New

We’ve ditched the Lite registration option, the Lite Calendar, Lite ImageFlow and the Colour Picker.

And… Sadly we are no closer to being able to do this stuff in WebDirect or in FileMaker Go: Fundamentally Reactor is a clientside plugin, which rules it out in these environments because we cannot run a plugin in FileMaker Go or WebDirect. That’s not likely to change at all in the future because in both cases it’s a security issue: Apple won’t allow an application on iOS to run third party code, and allowing interaction with the web viewer within a web page would amount to cross site scripting, which no decent browser is going to permit.

There is a partial solution though: Reactor Black Boxes are HTML and JavaScript — Reactor simply provides the glue to integrate that code back into FileMaker. So it’s possible to change the back-end of the controls so that they work with the PHP API on FIleMaker Server.

With the Calendars we’ve built a jQuery based open source calendar suite that mirrors the Reactor controls for use in MySQL/PHP web applications. This can be re-wired to the FileMaker PHP API, and can be adapted to a touch interface… the end result is a calendar/diary that can be embedded very smoothly into a FileMaker Go solution. Drop us a line if you’re interested in implementing a similar solution in your database:

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Pity you dropped the colour picker as I already have that implemented in my solution although the rich text editor sounds sweet.

Does this update also fix the [well known] SQL parser memory leak issue using multi-predicate relationships.


Posted by Mark Dore on 08 April, 2014

Thanks guys, been anxiously awaiting this release…any work arounds for the color picker? Was a big fan of that one...

Posted by Graham Young on 01 May, 2014

@Graham Young. There is a free cross platform plugin which provides access to a colour picker, I don't think its supported, but for just this purpose it works well.. you can download here:

Hope that helps.

Posted by Steve Wright on 02 May, 2014