Improved LiveFilter technique

Posted by Craig on 19 November 2008

One of the most amazing things about producing Reactor is the enthusiasm and ideas that it generates in the developers we meet. In fact there are about as many ideas out there as there are developers, such is the scope of possibilities. Reactor really does open up a platform for UI extensions and that's what we intend to do next with the plugin: make it really easy to add your own "black-box" type controls. We hope that'll really open up the possibilities for other developers to publish controls or widgets for Reactor.

In the meantime I want to draw your attention to a superb piece of work by Thomas Seidler from the UK - Thomas has vastly improved on the LiveField filtering example so that you can type part of both or either first name or surname, and you don't need to generate the long keys that we show in our demo file. What's more Thomas has published a great description of how to implement it with a full explanation of how and why it works. The link is:

Finding people on the rapid flex in FileMaker Pro

Thanks Thomas!

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