GanttChartPro: Beta 2

Posted by Sam Sehnert on 15 September 2009

We're rapt to announce the release of a beta version of Gantt Chart Pro, an all new grid style chart control for creating interactive Gantt Charts and booking grids.

Windows compatibility was our main aim for this beta release - everything works as it should, and looks great too.

Some features are still missing from this release - Look out for our feature complete release candidate, coming soon.

Features in the Beta:
- The order in which the rows appear can be specified by a Sort parameter.
- Multiple tasks can appear on 1 line.
- Task bars and rows can be given labels.
- Tasks can be dragged between rows.
- Tasks can be deleted.

Still to come:
- Action parameters (click a bar to run a script/set a field).
- Multi user enhancements (updating, change detection, record locking).
- Customization Documentation.

Read our online documentation for more details and to get a copy.

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